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The brush head is oval at the top, and slightly flattened at the base. The farther down you hold the brush handle, the softer the effect. It does help blend in eyeshadows really well, and is a good buy.

MAC 217 VS Sigma e25 Brush Review/Comparison : @AzraelVicious

However, when it comes to functionality, the final effect that I see is almost the same. So which one should you buy? Overall, I do love the MAC blending brush quite a lot, and it is my go-to brush for all the eyeshadow blending needs ever since I got it! So glad I bought this beauty!

MAC blending Brush Review+ Dupe: The Indian Beauty Blog

The bristles are soft and flexible, It applies and blends crease color good. Recommend it. Real Techniques Domed shadow brush. For me, this brush is too big for blending the crease color.

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I usually use it for applying highlighter shades under the browbone and for blending the browbone color with the crease color. Its performance is similar to brushes like Sigma Large fluff E MAC Blending brush This is a great multitasking brush. You can use it for applying wash of color on your eyelid, for defining the crease and blending the crease color, for browbone… If you need one brush, this is the brush you need. It has the perfect bristle flexibility, firmness and density. The good thing is that the bristles are white so you can see how much product has been picked up.

Sigma Blending brush E This brush is exactly the same brush as the MAC You will be happy with either one of them.

Bdellium Tools Blending brush I am amazed how well this brush works for the half the cost of high end brushes. The bristles might feel slight cheap, but the brush works really, really good. It is not hard to blend at all. This one is from the bamboo line, so the bristles are synthetic, opposed to the before mentioned two brushes. I do recommend this one, especially because of the price point.

Inglot 29PO. This brush is something between a MAC and I am not entirely happy with it. I use it as a brush, despite its fluffiness. The brush turned out to be a not so versatile as I hoped it would be. It is made from natural hair pony and ox.

Sigma Beauty Blending Brush - E25 Reviews

Tapered blending brushes that look like MAC The first brush I bought that looked like it was the Sigma E Sephora PRO Crease brush This is the best brush among all of my quasi-MAC brushes. It is very dense and fluffy. The brush has a full body so the blending goes on really fast and effortless. The bristles are very soft and feathery.

Where all the fun starts

It is great for highlighting specific places. Sigma Tapered blending brush E This brush is very similar to Sephora 10 brush, but the bristles are more stiff and it is a little bit less flexible. It blends good, but not as good as Sephora 10, because the tip has feels sparse. It is an good brush: I do recommend it, but not over Sephora This brush is supposed to be the MAC dupe. It is not as fluffy as the above mentioned brushes. I was quite disappointed with it as it looked fluffy and full I Google-searched it.

Sorry, unfortunately this product is currently out of stock

While it has a good quantity of bristles, I wish it had more of them. I wish this brush was a dupe of the Sephora Bdellium Tools Tapered blending brush For the price it is being sold at, it is a good brush. It performs like the Sigma E It misses more bristles and a more fuller body.

It blends, but not fast.

e.l.f. Studio Small Angled Brush

I definitely recommend it over the Sigma one better blending ability , as the bristles are more soft and the brush is more fluffy. The normal version is obviously longer. My Sigma handle seems more hollow, if that makes sense, so I assume even the regular version is a bit lighter.


Now on to the bristles. The size to me is completely the same, but there is a difference in how the hair feels like. Also, let me know if you know of any other potential dupes. Jaz imam en kup teh iz Ebaya in so mi super za ceno.

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Top to bottom: MAC , Sigma, Ebay Long story short, they all do their job, but there are slight differences between them. You may also enjoy:. Autumn Beauty: Oldies But Goldies.