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Read reviews that mention hard drive time machine passport for mac western digital macbook pro machine backup easy to use usb 2 port external hard straight from the box want to use usb cable external drive time will tell plug and play easy to set apple time via a usb time capsule portable hard.

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WD My Book Duo 6TB - Mac OS Raid Storage

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Why WD My Passport for Mac is not mounting?

I like using these external drives as a backup and archive for my Mac and PC. It is best though, to keep a dedicated WD passport to be used with Time Machine. Also Time Machine does try to back up to one of my other drives, you just need to say no to it, but you do need to re-select Passport again afterwards re-intiate automatic backups.

Backup is easy, you just plug the Passport into the Mac and wait.

What could be simpler. But always allow backup to complete before doing anything else. The Passports works well with my PC laptop too, when I render films to them. I do keep my Mac and PC drives separate though. One most important golden rule; always eject the drive with the computers software before disconnecting. If the drive won't eject, turning off the computer has always worked for me. Over all I well satisfied with the WD Passport drives, and so far have five of them for different purposes and will buy more of them in the future. There's a single LED showing drive activity which is located at the back of the drive where you cannot see it.

Somebody didn't think that through did they. What I can say is that copying about 1.

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As a backup drive it's superb and it is also pretty quiet. Thoroughly recommended. I have a Apple Time Capsule for years and it just stopped working. I got this one and solves my backup issues as it smoothly connects to Apple's Time Machine Software. I partitioned two sections, one for the time machine backup and the other for extra storage. I'm really disappointed with my new passport. I've had one before and it was great.

This one locks automatically after a certain amount of time, meaning its difficult to upload files. It also doesn't eject - EVER!!!!! SO I keep having to force eject it and I don't trust that my files are safe! Needed reformatting. Needed reformatting upon arrival but a relatively trivial matter using disc utilities on Mac. To be honest it makes no difference whether external drives are "windows" or "Mac" as once you've got them you just format them for whatever operating system you are using. I never rely on one HD back up so I always buy two HD's and just copy everything from one to another weekly.

Currently using WD, Seagate and Toshiba! I just can't stand the thought of losing everything so trying to cover all bases!

WD Drive Manager on MAC OS X Sierra - WD Software - WD Community

Primary HD failure message in the past has maximised my paranoia So don't squeeze them And don't throw them either They're a bit of a fingerprint magnet too but if you store them in a Next sunglasses bag or similar the marks just disappear The final endorsement for Western digital is that I have two Compaq Windows machines still running 40 GB system drives that are over 10 years old still operating and an old WD gb passport external drive that's still in service so they've been good for me.

It was so easy to set up. Allowing Time Machine to go to work was also effortless and good to see working smoothly for the first back-up. I have one concern. The USB connecting the HDD does not fully push into the socket and is at a slightly downward angle as though it has been bent. There are many good tools on the market, but having a dependable hard drive on the receiving end as important, too.

So we have two suggestions:. This drive connects directly to your Mac through USB.

5 Best External Hard Drive for Mac in 12222 You Should Know

You just plug it in and can begin using it immediately. The bus-powered USB 3. The only downside to these drives is that they are not formatted for macOS out of the box. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Purposely fail at unlocking it 5 times again. Best Answer: As has been mentioned if you dont want it uninstall it.

Send it to WD then. You have to get in touch with our Western Digital Support either by phone or e-mail for assistance with this. Please note that while unlocking, HDD Unlock Wizard will erase and re-certify the drive, meaning to say all data in the disk is lost and not recoverable. Run unlock. Type in your password and then click Unlock Drive button to unlock your WD external drive.

With your partition selected, click the Erase button at the top of Disk Utility.

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I forgot my password to unlock my wd smartware my passport drive? Posted on January 24th, by Kirk McElhearn. I can't be bothered with installing that though - taking my chances. Currently all the files that I currently care about are in my Mac. Use the F8 boot menu and choose one of the safe mode options.

Did it mounted successfully last time you plugged into the Mac. Doing this will format the external drive and erase all of it's contents.

go to site Then I downloaded Wine, but in vain. Select a mode to remove locks from iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. Click System Preferences from the drop-down menu. After we have tried this method your only option is to format your drive and lose everything or send to WD and they will hack the code for an extortionate amount of money. In order uninstall Unlock Selection 1. Then simply select the drive you want to fix: click on the "X" drive, then on the button Repair Disk Permissions. Wait a couple of seconds and then do it a second time and it will disconnect at least mine always does.

A progress bar shows you how long it will take to remove WD Drive Utilities. Step 1: Explore. In fact, autorun and autoplay are enabled by default, To remove or uninstall the WD Drive manager software including the annoying blue button in the menu bar do this: Download the installation package from here follow the instructions but click on the "remove" button rather than the "install" button. Remove 4 coupling capacitors and bypass the usb bridge Sep 18, This is an effective tutorial that helps you learn how to remove WD Drive Utilities on your macOS.

A new window will show up, waiting for you to enter a command. Only needs a few clicks, you can simply finish removing passcodes. The password protection on the drive is there to prevent people from accessing your drive, redbart! File Governor work on Windows and above. Do ensure there are no windows open that are viewing that drive etc. Before disconnecting your drive, right click on the WD QuickView icon in the system tray near the clock in the task bar and select Safely Remove My Book.

Click the Western Digital Drive from the left pane and then click the "Erase" tab at the top of the dialog box. Using Disk Utility to unlock or decrypt your FileVault 2-encrypted boot drive. Removal of WD SmartWare? The actual password will be stored on a chip within the drive hardware which itself will be encrypted.